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Why Condos Make Sense for Downsizers

Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 4:08pm Engel & Völkers Atlanta

Trading the Picket Fence for a Fountain of Youth

The day a couple sees their children grown and on their own brings with it an unexpected chapter of life. It seems that most of the patterns and models and stories of life that we grew up with forgot to include this. We get grooved in the missions of rearing children, providing a home, and managing a career. It is so seemingly all-encompassing that when these responsibilities start to lighten up it can take quite a while to see the answer to, “O.K., who am I now?”  Downsizing can be a gift, whether it’s prompted by an empty nest or just a desire for a life with more activity and less “stuff.”

 More and more, downsizers and “empty nesters” are finding that art, history, theater, and community endeavors – and sheer walkability – are leading them out of the suburbs and back to the city, where condos, entertainment, and personal interests abound. Atlanta residential real estate is no exception to this trend. The lure of the Beltway, the Atlanta History Museum, the High Museum, and many others is powerful. The satisfaction that friends report when they make these pastimes a nearby, regular occurrence rather than a rare family outing is seductive.


An Empty Nest Can Begin a Full Life

 The freedom that comes when it’s “just the two of us” is exhilarating when you finally recognize it. The answers to “what do I want to do now” start to come faster, and when you’ve switched from the suburbs to, say, a Midtown or West Side Atlanta condo those answers get much easier to fulfill.

 Time and distance are the foundations for what’s good about choosing one of the condos available among the Midtown Atlanta real estate offerings, such as The Atlantic or 1065 Midtown. It is not just that you move closer to where the action is, you also free up a lot of time that used to go into maintaining a free-standing home. Not only are condos often smaller and simpler, but also essential maintenance and other services are provided in many cases, and often on-site.

 Then there’s the sheer abundance of life in-town – no shortage of stimulation, mental and sensory. A college acquaintance once said he’d like to retire to a college town because of all the music, theatre, and speakers that colleges attract. Well, Midtown Atlanta has four colleges nearby, and three very nearby. But stepping back from that, let’s not forget that Atlanta does a good job of being a city. It has nurtured and attracted all those artistic, intellectual, and social interests on its own, too.

 As the Atlanta leader in the sale of residential real estate and new developments, Engel & Völkers can do a lot to make a dream come true, empty nest or otherwise. You can give call us at 404.845.7724 



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