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Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Monday, November 6th, 2017 at 4:14pm Engel & Völkers Atlanta

Harnessing Immersive Technologies

The rapid rise in the capabilities of virtual reality technologies to simulate environments and sensory experience has brought about a world of possibilities. As these immersive technologies come on-stream, you can count on Engel & Völkers Alanta to turn them to our clients’ advantage.

Though the technology was pioneered in the video game industry and refined in entertainment, the business implications for real estate now are solid. The possibilities are being put into practice, the advantages are substantial and growing.


Greater Efficiency

For our residential clients particularly, a move to Atlanta is, in many cases, prompted by a new job. Promotions, relocations, and pursuing new opportunities often bring executives and professionals here, and on these occasions time is of the essence. The fewer familiarization and search, trips the sooner our client is fully engaged in the work that brought her or him to Atlanta in the first place.

Imagine the breakthrough that virtual reality environments could mean for shortening the search for Atlanta real estate. Each property be represented in greater clarity and detail, and the surrounding environment can also be explored more fully – all before boarding a plane or driving to the site. Soon, the ability to “see” what-ifs about furnishing or remodeling will make it even easier to evaluate the future possibilities of Atlanta condos or homes, not just the present.


Greater Options

Consider the wider field of options that you could explore – and explore more fully – through the use of virtual reality inspections. More properties, more realistically presented, can lead to decisions that satisfy you more exactly and more fully.

For investors, even without the time pressure of a residential relocation, the benefits of virtual reality can greatly widen the field of options that are feasible to explore.


Greater Impact

In Atlanta's booming  residential development sector, imagine how much more compelling the presentation of that project would be when presented with the benefit of the augmented and mixed reality environments made possible by virtual reality technologies. Imagine being able to “walk into” an architectural model, experiencing the concept from a point of view within it, even before construction is begun. The potential for gathering support and investment, and of refining projects further before construction is begun, is enormous.

As the leader in the sale of Atlanta residential real estate and new developments, Engel & Völkers Atlanta is carefully and continually staying abreast of the opportunities posed by virtual reality for the benefit of our clients. If you’d like to explore what these new tools might mean for achieving your goals, just call us at 404.845.7724, or find out more at


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